LA1 Wideband Display for WBo2

The LA1 is Tech Edge's Circular Wideband Lambda Display unit. It is NOT a complete wideband unit, and requires a controller and sensor. It is a 52 mm round display with 30 bi-colour (both red & green) dot/bars around the outside. The central 4 digit display is available in red or green (of similar brightness).

LA1 works with all rev 2.0 (& higher) Tech Edge wideband units. It can display AFR/Lambda as well as other quantities that are collected by the WBo2 unit it is connected to. LA1 is NOT available as a DIY kit.

The LA1 User's Guide can be found here. The LX1 LCD unit is a highly visible display wich, unlike the LA1, works well in bright sunlight.

LA1 Features

  • Digital (RS232) connection to Tech Edge WBo2 units.
  • Field re-programmable. Firmware can be updated.
  • Has two buttons to control the display and logging functions.
  • Range of the outside LEDs can be configured to cover small or large ranges.
  • Can be used as a display for other WB units & instruments including ones with analogue outputs.

Click here for a popup. Note the rolled stainless steel bezel and polycarbonate face.

5 Volt & RPM Inputs

LA1 has a 5 Volt input that can be hooked up to other equipment to act as a display. It also has an RPM input that can be used to display RPM or speed. More information can be found here.

Buy the LA1 Display (Re-programming adaptor included)

The LA1 is shown here with the 2C0 controller and an LSU wideband sensor. Everything simply connects together - the LA1's 8 pin RJ45 connector plugs into the 2C0's mating black end connector.

Mechanical Details

  • 57.5 mm wide bezel (outer-edge to outer-edge),
  • requires 52 mm hole (2"),
  • depth (front face to back panel) 47.5 mm.
  • Brass mounting bolts are an extra 25 mm (1") but these can be trimmed for tight locations.
  • Weight, including mounting hardware and cable ~ 185 grams.
  • Cable length ~1.8 m (6') (RS232 Protocol, 19k2 baud, 8 bits + 2 stop)

More Info

Read the LA1 on-line User's Guide.

For programming go to the wbUTIL Display Config program.