Wideband LD02 Display Unit for WBo2

The original LD02 (and updated LD02B (shown at left) is Tech Edge's basic wideband AFR/Lambda display unit. The LD02B, with digital accuracy (via RS232 connection), bypasses the analogue conversion inaccuracies that some wideband, and most third party gauge vendors, use.

LD02B is field re-programmable and, because it can read analog voltages directly (internal modifications may be required), has the potential to be used as a general purpose display for other projects. LD02B is also available as a DIY kit. Go here for the LD02B User's Guide. See some of the other displays we offer.

The LD02B uses LED technology which may be hard to read in bright daytime conditions. We also offer the LX1 display which uses LCD technology which is easier to read in bright sunlight, and is backlit for night viewing too. LD02B comes standard in bright RED which we recommend, or a GREEN (see below). At night the green may be easier to read but the green is very slightly less bright in sunlight.

In 2010 the LD02 was upgraded to the LD02B (shown at left) It has a slightly different face-plate and 4 extra rectangular LEDs (representation at right) to show which view is being displayed. We made the change because we could no longer obtain all the parts as through-hole components as used in the original LD02. We also changed the DIY LD02B kit to use SMD parts which means the DIY kit is much easier to construct.

The original LD02 is shown at right sitting on a 2B0 wideband unit it features :

Buy the LD02B Display (Pre-built)

Note: Configuration & re-programming adaptor included.

BUTTONS: Display Views, and "on-board" Logging Control

LD02 (shown at left) has two buttons at the right side of the face. The top button cycles between the four (4) possible views. Each view may be configured with WButil's dconf function. The current view is shown briefly when the view is changed. The newer LD02B also has a row of 4 vertical LEDs that indicate which view is being shown.

The bottom button is used to stop & start on-board logging (for controllers that have this feature). The LD02 User's Guide describes in detail the button functions.

Due to demand, we have made LD02 available in GREEN too. Be aware that the GREEN option gives a slightly less bright display in sunlight but will be adequate for most applications. In any case, for bright applications, we recommend the LX1 LCD display.

Here's another image of LD02 showing the 1.8 m cable and RJ45 connector that goes directly to WBo2's RS232 connector. Note that the cable shipped with units may be black. Click on the image to see the face (zoom).

LD02B DIY Kit Option

As with a number of other Tech Edge products, LD02B is also available as a DIY kit that you build yourself. More detailed technical information on how LD02B operates, including schematics, is available on the DIY kit page.

Display Re-programming (& re-flashing) Adaptor

LD02B is a display device for all WBo2 units and was designed to be field re-programmable and also field-configurable. This also means that software/firmware bugs can be rectified as well as new features added to the basic firmware. To do this a PC is connected to LD02B using the interface adapter supplied with each display.

The reflash program, running on a PC, downloads new code to LD02. Additionally, various display parameters can be set up with the PC wbUTIL.exe program and these parameters saved to LD02.

Further Technical Information

Other topics are described in detail in the LD02B User's Guide.

Detail technical information on the digital frame (RS232 data) from WBo2 is available in the WBo2 logger data frames section.

At right is shown a device we once sold - it's an RJ45 splitter and allows older controllers with a single RJ45 output to be fed into two devices.