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Software for WBo2 (version 2) can be broken into the following categories which are described in more detail below.

  • Logging Software for Win32, PalmOS™, DOS, etc ...
  • CONFIGuration/Calibration, sets up WBlin, NBsim, etc. and does free-air calibration ...
  • Flash (firmware) code version update ...

teWBlog for Win32

FMDlog for PalmOS

Config util for Win32

WBlog for DOS

Logging Software for Win32, Palm OS & DOS

WBo2 produces an RS232 data stream of information that may be logged to a PC, handheld PDA (Palm, etc.), or other device. WBo2 is highly configurable, and a number of data stream formats may be selected. The newest (version 2.0 data steam) format is supported by the TEWBlog logger. Older software that supports the compatibility mode 1.5 mode data steam also exists.

  • Win32 - Justin Luton's TEWBLOG logger (supports 2.0 data). Runs on Win95 and above.

  • PalmOS - Here's an introduction to Palm SOftware for WBo2. Jonathan Burchmore originally produced FMDlog for PDAs and it requires PalmOS v3.5 or later, and a Palm™ compatible serial port

  • DOS - Tech Edge's old and very basic WBlog.exe (as a zip file) works on DOS only machines.

Configuration, Calibration & Diagnostic

One of WBo2's greatest strengths is its ability to be reconfigured. For example, all voltage outputs can be modified to track AFR/Lambda in a different manner from the standard (described here) Adjustments are made by changing software parameters that are saved by WBo2's processor in its private EE (Electrically Erasable) memory. This technique also means we can update firmware (see Flash utility below) and add special features in the future.

  • Here is the current CONFIGuration utility. It also has a sensor free-air Auto-Cal feature. Here's the direct link if you want to reconfigure WBo2's output tables.

  • The older single function calibration utility is also available (here) but we recommend you use the above CONFIG software.

This utility has some other features including a diagnostic trace mode.

Flash Memory Utility

The WBo2 wideband unit can be field upgraded with the latest available firmware that is downloaded from this site. The serial cable adapter (RJ45 to RS232, supplied with the unit) is connected to a PC and the configuration utility is run to to perform this operation.

Please note that the upgrade software cannot be used to program a blank CPU, or a CPU tat has lost its bootloader program. In this case a replacement CPU, with the appropriate firmware pre-programmed, must be purchased from Tech Edge.

Other Software

The Terminal program lets you easily talk to WBo2. Note that the CONFIG program (above) also has this same functionality.

New and Novel WBo2 Software?

If you're a software author, or just a hack with some interesting code you've written for WBo2, then contact us and we'll organise a link from this page, or we'll create a page here to tout your ware. If you're thinking of writing that killer app that uses WBo2, talk to us too because we can sponsor your efforts and provide hardware and maybe information that is not available on-line. We're particularly interested in Linux and WinCE programs people may have developed.