wbUTIL - CCF Files

Configuration Command Files (CCF) Command files are used to semi-automatically program a device with a pre-defined set of configuration parameters. The commands are encoded into a file with .CCF extension and are executed from the WButils Commands-from-a-file screen.

CCF files are executed by the file commands processor. Sometimes, in the device configuration process, it helps to return the device to its original setup - this can be done by reflashing. The HXF files page list the latest files. For manual display setup, or for understanding the CCF file content, it may help to read the latest display configuration document.

The HXF files listed below can be [view]ed on-line, downloaded by clicking on the [save] link. or by right-clicking on the filename and selecting your browser's "save file as" feature.

Display CCF files

Controller CCF files

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